(The Old BECC) 032906310 (The BECC Woodlands) 032906311 info@thebecc.com


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Email: info@thebecc.com

The Old BECC Telephone: 032906310

The BECC Woodlands: 032906311


GPS: 12.529520, 99.959057

Hua Hin in between Soi 114 and 116.

Head South out of town and head out over the flyer. Go past the new water park (will be on your left) and look for Patravadi High School. Enter the grounds at the main gate. Go past the security box and follow the road around to the right. Head down past theatre and the yellow building and you will see a white wall in front of you. The BECC is located within the white wall. Please drive slowly whilst on school grounds as there are students from both The BECC and the High School.