Patravadi Elementary Office 032-900-163, Woodlands Campus (Summer School) 032-906311 info@thebecc.com


Admission to our proogramme follow a simple process. We will only offer spaces to children that we believe we can offer the right environment too. We believe that every child has the right to a quality education and appropriate support. During the process, we communicate everything we can to parents and always reflect children’s learning in a professional and honest manner. 

We currently only have a few spaces available in certain year groups. Please contact the school to find out more information. 

Admissions Process:

1. Contact the school via phone or email.

2. Arrange a visit/ tour with the Princpal or School Manager.

3. Complete the registration form and provide previous school reports. 

3. Arrange a trial day. 

4. Information from trial day shared with guardians.

5. Place offered and start date confirmed.