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Nursery (Age 2/3) / Early Years (Age 3/4)

We use the 2008 Early Years and Foundation Stage Document to design the program me and assessment for the children in this age group. The day has structured lessons in English, maths, art, music/singing and creative play. Pre-school is designed to stimulate your child through organised activities, providing opportunities to explore and learn. The activities have been carefully chosen to encourage your child to want to investigate and explore, developing physical, sensory, visual and intellectual development including language acquisition and literacy skills. There is a wonderful cosy corner for reading stories where the children are read stories and look through stories with their teacher.
If you choose to place your child in pre-school, they will be allocated an individual Key Person who will spend more time getting to know you and your child’s individual needs. The Key Person will have responsibility to discuss your child’s individual needs and you will receive a verbal handover of how your child has been during their day.