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General Information

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Before joining the school.

Starting a new school can be challenging whatever the age of the child. There are new timetables, new boundaries and new teachers and students to get to know. It can also be a very exciting time for you and your child. When a child joins a school it is not only them that become involved but the whole family. Education is a partnership between school and home and here are some ways that you can help your child when starting at school;

  • read any stories that you have and share your own stories with your child about when you started school. Talk about the people they will meet and people they may already know.
  • Make sure they know how to use basic English confidently. Phrases such as; good morning, please, thank you, can I go to the toilet please?, can I have a drink of water please?
  • Show you child the school website and Facebook page and see if they can remember anyone from the photos. Ask them what they like about the photos and who looks like they will make a good friend.
  • On the first days of school make your drop off quick!!! Your child’s natural response in order to get your attention is to cry so there is a high chance that your child will cry in order to show their frustration at staying at school. The best this that you can do is go quickly and if there are any problems then the school would contact you immediately. Don’t worry, we all know how hard this is to do as we have done it ourselves!!


There are currently two school uniforms. They are a polo shirt with dark blue shorts with The BECC logo on which can be worn any day. The second uniform available is the sports uniform. This consists of a blue t-shirt and dark blue shorts and again can be worn on any day of the week but must be worn on sports days.. There are also school hats and bags available if you would like them. There is no uniform for the Nursery class although some children do opt to wear the uniform.

Formal Uniform


The school can provide lunch at a small extra cost but if you would prefer you can provide a packed lunch for them. The menu follows a 4 week plan before being repeated. It is reviewed at different time by all members of the school community, prepared on school grounds and ensures that it is a healthy and balanced lunch.


To reduce the risk of cross infection we request that children are not brought to The BECC if they are showing any signs of infection. This may include diarrhoea and vomiting, high fever or any infectious diseases that may be suspected. We provide information for parents of infection incubation periods and exclusion times for common illnesses such as vomiting and diarrhoea or chickenpox. By working closely with parents when a child is sick not only prevents the spread of diseases to all the children within the centre but ensures the quick recovery of the child. The staff at The BECC can give medication to children if it has been authorised by a doctor and agreed by the Manager that it can be administered on the premises.


You will have complete peace of mind knowing that your child is in a Centre that adheres to all UK standards and that we take security very seriously ensuring your child is completely safe in our care. Each child must be signed in and out of the school each day by a parent or guardian or authorised person. If a different person is to collect a child the office must be informed. There is always a member of staff on the front gate ensuring that children only leave when signed out and if they are unsure of a persons identity they will check which may include a phone call to the parent from the school office. There is CCTV covering both the high school and our grounds to ensure as well as at the main front security gate. Cars must have a sticker in order to pass through the main security gate which you will receive when joining the school.


A healthy diet is a happy child

Food has a huge impact on children’s everyday lives; their behaviour, mood, growth of bones and teeth and their ability to concentrate in class. Good nutrition is essential for children and we take nutrition very seriously. Mid-morning and mid-afternoon your child will be offered a fruit snack and we encourage children to drink water throughout the day. This is a perfect time for children to enjoy their snack, socialise in a relaxed atmosphere and encourage language development. It has been proven that by NOT giving children food that is high in sugar or processed foods, they are more eager to learn, concentrate better in class and their sleep patterns improve.