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About Us

Find our more about our school.

Established in 2009 Hua Hin Bright Child Ltd,. (The British Educational Children’s Centre) aimed to offer an alternative education in Hua Hin. The BECC was established to offer an adapted curriculum from England with small class sizes (maximum 22) and with qualified teachers that would ensure the best progression for our students. Opening with just 4 students originally it quickly became apparent that people believed in our school. Growing organically has meant that we have seen our students, each of whom know us personally and vice versa, go from strength to strength. It remains our aim and our mission to; ‘Our mission is to ensure that students from around the world progress to their full potential as independent learners and global citizens in a nurturing international community.’

Friendly Environment

The environment in which we grow up and in which we learn is paramount to the people we become. Nature and nurture are where all of our influences come from and make us who we are. By creating a learning environment that is open, welcoming and unique enables the children and teachers to learn with an openness and honesty that stems from the whole school ethos. All issues are dealt with in a timely manner with a personal approach ensuring that everyone is able to work together.

Lifelong Learning

Life long learning begins when children are born and as educators we understand that people never stop learning. Instilling interest, inquisitivity, enthusiasm for different topics and subjects and empowering the children with the skills required to move on in their own education. Each child will have personal targets within the school to ensure that they are progressing in their areas for development and extending upon skills in areas they are strong. Teachers are encouraged and supported to be active with their own professional development ensuring that the most enthusiastic teachers engage with the needs of their own professional development and also the progression of their students.

Qualified Teachers

The British Educational Children’s Centre will only ever employ qualified teachers that are suitably qualified for the age group they are teaching. We will also ensure stringent interviews to ensure that the ethos of the teacher is in line with the school and the school’s community. An appropriate teaching qualification will ensure that the teachers have the knowledge and understanding in developing the curriculum to the needs of the children and stringent interviews and application process will ensure that all candidates have an ethos suitable for our school.

Up to Date Frameworks

The BECC will always ensure that the latest educational thinking and strategies are in place to support the curriculum. As with all curriculums, there is an ever progressing mentality to ensure continued progression in all areas of school improvement. This includes the school grounds and resources that are continually being updated and developed to ensure the very best for our students.

Confident, Creative and Independent Thinkers.

Children and students by their very nature encompass all of the above but in order to nurture this and instill a belief in themselves by promoting their own self worth. Presenting to classmates, other classes, at whole school events, creating imaginative ways to support their own learning are ways that we ensure that each student can show their own creative and confident side. Through activities and learning about the sciences, DT and Art ensures that the children are able to think independently and transmit their ideas into real life representations.