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Details about term fees at our school.

Year Group

Cost per term

Nursery (ages 2 – 3)


Early Years (ages 3 – 4)


Reception (ages 4 – 5)


Year 1 (ages 5 – 6)


Year 2 (ages 6 – 7)


Year 3 (ages 7 – 8)


Year 4 (ages 8 – 9)


Year 5 (ages 9 – 10)


Year 6 (ages 10 – 11)


Enrollment and Registration fees are one off payments when joining the school.

40,000 baht.

The fees shown for the classes are termly fees and there are three terms in the school year.

School Times

Nursery Class: 9am

Early Years: 8.45am

Reception: 8.30am

Year 1 to Year 6: 8.15am

Children may arrive from 8am and must be collect by 4pm. Classes finish at 2.30pm for Nursery and Early Years and at 3pm for all other classes.


Lunches are optional and have an extra cost of 4,000 Baht per term but all are nutritious meals without added salt or msg and are developed by the school cook, management team and the students. You can get a copy of the menu from the school office and the menu is displayed around the school. You can also choose to bring in a packed lunch if you prefer as long as it is healthy and nutritious.


There are limited spaces on the school’s minibus. Places are offered on a first come first served basis. The current price for bus transport is 12,500 baht per term.


Payments are made on a termly basis before the start of each term. The next payment secures your child’s place in the school and unless you communicate, non-payment may result if your child’s place being offered to another student. Payments can be made in cash but directly into the school’s bank account is the preferred method. You will be given the account details upon registration. Each child has a unique code so that payments are easier to identify within the account. Unfortunately we are unable to offer a discount if your child is away during term time.

Payments can be made via cash in the school office, bank transfer or via card payment in the school office. Please note that all card payments have an additional 3% processing fee (subject to change according to rates set by Krungsri Business Banking).

Invoices are sent digitally to the contact details that you provide. Ensuring that you keep your records up to date with us is important to ensure that remain properly informed regarding invoices and all aspects of the school life.

Please note that the holiday programme runs throughout the school holidays. This is optional but there are limited spaces available given on a first come first serve basis so please reserve your place early in order to avoid disappointment.