Admissions | The British Educational Children's Center
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Details about applying to our school.

The admissions process is as follows;


go here Complete children’s information form

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partnersuche seite erstellen Parents contacted once place becomes available


click Child is offered a trial day to ensure suitability of the curriculum for the individual

R Child is offered a place in the school programme or


here Child is recommended to go for further assessment or further trial days – the school office would give you further information if this was the case.

site de rencontre pour ado cГ©libataire (Please not, where trial days are not possible (i.e. being offered a start date later in the school year) all assessments of the children will take place when the child begins. If a child requires extra support this may require further payments according to the fee schedule. You will be informed as soon as possible if this is the case but these programs would be deemed compulsory).