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Aims & Philosophy

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Mission Statement

‘Our mission is to ensure that students from around the world progress to their full potential as independent learners and global citizens in a nurturing international community.’


We are and will continue to be a Nursery school where children from all around the world collaborate or work independently whilst being engaged in appropriately well-planned challenging activities. Using the latest educational research the school will employ highly qualified staff in order to ensure the students succeed and celebrate together the success of the students and staff.

Other Goals

Qualified Teachers

The British Educational Children’s Centre will only ever employ teachers appropriately qualified for their stage/ class and are all native English speakers. While teachers from different countries are employed to deliver the curriculum their qualification for their age group we will ensure that they can support the needs of the class. A teaching qualification will ensure that the teachers have the knowledge and understanding in developing the curriculum to the needs of the children and stringent interviews and application process will ensure that all candidates have an ethos suitable for our school.

Up to Date Frameworks

Educational thinking and research is an ever progressing subject. As new research and documents are released, our school will endeavor to remain up to date with the latest best practices although as we are an independent overseas school, we will only ever implement what we believe to be best for the children. These principles ensure The BECC will meet the needs of your child delivering individualised learning, development and care. Our goal is to deliver and extend upon the targets of the National Curriculum of England, adapted for our host country and to take into account the internationalism of our school, to all our children in a loving environment, which enables children to feel safe when learning whilst promoting independence.